About Us

Shajareh Luxurious Stone Group of Factories and Mines


In the year of 2009, this company started its activities in the field of production and distribution of construction materials in accordance with international standards at the largest industrial area of stones in Mahmoudabad Industrial Estate, in Iran with the unique material of Yazd red granite. With 40 years of experience in producing various types of building and decorative stones, this complex has met the needs of well-deserved consumers.
With the possession of the red granite mine of Yazd Shajareh (Kuh-e-Noor Pars Mine), Sadat Shajareh Factories and Mines Group is able to produce, deliver and support the cut red stone Yazd Shajareh granite in its factories, at your desired size, without any interruptions at the appointed time.

The following projects can be named among the considered ones that indicate the accuracy and glory of the complex and the quality of the stone.
– Shiraz and Suburbs Urban Railway Organization
– Isfahan Municipality Organization / Isfahan and Suburbs Urban Railway Organization
– Padideh Mashhad Dream City
– Tehran Municipality
– Isfahan Gharazi Sub-Specialized Hospital
– Naghsh-e Jahan Grand Stadium
– Eram Park
– Holy Masoume’s Shrine
– Holy Shrine of Najaf
– Grand Jamkaran Mosque

Following the expansion project of the factories and the complete development and export-oriented vision of the managing director of this collection, Mr. Seyyed Mostafa Shajareh, currently two other factories named Jinous and Mojalal are opened, having the honor of presenting high quality building stone products with an export approach and a thorough competitive quality. (slab and tile) with symmetrical forematching and bookmatching potentials.
The complex is currently in the possession of a monopoly of six mines, being able to provide products in the marble-onyx-traonyx-Carrara Marble porcelain -porcelain and Carrara Marble group.

Mojalal Factory with using slabs, having the highest quality control facilities and having the best and most equipped production devices, has put forward its approach to the production of more than 50 rock samples with specific and unique designs, and for this purpose, it has monopolized six mines, utilizing the best available material in the world for the production equipment (finishing, mouthpiece, segment, saw, diamond tools, etc.) for the highest quality production. Employing the production, sales and commercial managers with more than 15 years of working experience, this complex has a very high level of expertise in this regard and offering special services to the consumers.
In order to boost the building industry, Shajareh Group of Factories and Stone Mines has benefited from the combination of prominent industry experts and professors, and has consistently expanded its activities to provide the best products in terms of quality, variety, durability, and with the approach to innovation.

Prospects and missions of this specialized complex:
1- Production of high quality and completely competitive products
2- Earning the highest level of customer satisfaction
3- Earning the customer trust and satisfaction based on order
4- Fulfilling fully competitive prices with the industry’s competitors
5- Delivery of goods in accordance with customer request time
6- Consulting and rendering of services in the fields of commerce, transportation and clearance